The 9+ Stages of Development

The study on human development focus on a matrix of stages of development, that in its foundation evolves from the stage 0 up to the stage 9. (See Courses)

For the description of the 09 stages of development, the researcher will utilize the primordial archetypes, the 9+ primordial keys and the 09 cyphers, as well as primordial mathematics.

The most simple perspective of the matrix of human potential is described in the following chart.

The Matrix of human potential is utilized by the PTT Standard, Matrix-Q Intelligence Test, PTT Score Card (Matrix 9+ Quantification of Human Value Tool); and has been integrated to the education method and training programs of the LDMF Foundation.

The 9+ Stages of development are described by utilizing PSL Primordial Symbolic Language, an ancient form of use of the language that involves the integration of nature principles, laws, rhythms, cycles in the form of metaphors or symbols, as well as knowledge on human factor, stages of development, and nature inspired knowledge and technology of ancient cultures and civilizations.

(REF: PSL & Game Theory / Multidisciplinary archaeology / Human evolution & A.I. / The Academy )

PSL: PSL — Primordial Symbolic Language, is a form of symbolic language that utilize nature laws, principles, cycles and rhythms;, knowledge on human stages of development (human factor), and nature inspired knowledge of ancient cultures and civilizations. In this case, PSL has been utilized for purpose of self-coaching, mentorship, in self-management, self-leadership field of work. This is one of the intents by the researcher to utilize PSL as it has been used traditionally by ancient civilizations. The PSL encoded language has a matrix 9+ field of meaning, Matrix-Q Language; the meaning need to be understood by approaching the message from several perspectives (matrix 9+, Matrix-Q) simultaneously. The researcher has developed experiments on PSL, Groundbreaking communication, PSL applied for self-management, strategic management, coaching, and published those e-books and articles. All of them available now at the e-library of the LDMF Foundation: PSL is utilized at several research fields, as it allows communication with cyphers, encoded language, and is being utilized by the researcher for the development of a A.I. Engine Programming Language.(Artificial Intelligence).

In the following chart 5 from the 9+ stages of development are described. The key words: warrior, leader, mystic, demigod, and god represent traits that are key for cognitive as well as social behavior of the individuals that fall into that Particular stage of development. The PSL utilized combined myth and legend, help us represent the key challenge of the individuals through archetypical images and representations of those challenges experienced by the human being.

The study evolves by identifying the necessary conditions and circumstances for an individual to shift from one stage of development to the next one. Being an open systemic matrix, individuals may have traits that belong to one or more of the stages, yet completion of the skills of one stage must be first achieved in order to master that particular development stage.

The 9+ Stages of development have been utilized by a PT-Theta Score Card, and the PT-Theta Quantification of human value graphic tools, both utilized as assessment tools for holistic strategic management.